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When we heal ourselves we

You're here to make a difference in the world as your most fully expressed self.

We’ve got limited time here on Earth and I’m living to make the most of it.


I believe that healing ourselves is one of our greatest gifts and responsibilities.  Healing is our homecoming to our true selves beneath our conditioning and beyond our trauma.  When we heal ourselves, we free ourselves.  And that allows us to make a difference in the world in the way that we were each uniquely designed to.

Love, Accept, & Forgive All of You

I intentionally bring shadow work, family healing, ego work, and the “darker” sides of our human experience into the light.

Because you can’t be fully expressed if you repress half of who you are. The parts of you who feel betrayed, not enough, and like she can’t be trusted ALSO deserve to be loved, witnessed, and held. The way to release this pain is through it – through healing it – and not by hiding from it.

I believe that when we repress our emotions (even the unpleasant ones), we repress our power. I’m here to help you collect it back from all the pockets of life where you left it.

While also helping you remember to have FUN and create FREEDOM along the way.

It's About Living Your Best Life

At the end of the day, we’re here to be ourselves, make a positive impact in the world, and have a great time doing it.  Heal yourself.  Make, spend, and enjoy money.  Serve others.  Eat some damn good ice cream.  And more.

You are worthy of the brilliant, meaningful life of your dreams. The fact that you desire it means that it’s already yours. But you have to commit. You have to commit to yourself like your life depends on it - because it truly does.

Melanie in a Nutshell
Gemini ☼ Pisces ☾ Unknown ↑

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ENFJ | Type 7
Best Compliment Ever Received
"Not many people love living as much as you do."
- Kind Barista
Favorite thing to do when sad
Watch hamsters at Petco
Criminal Minds | Supernatural | The Office | The Good Place

100 Years of Solitude | The Surrender Experiment | The Body Keeps the Score

Dark Roast | Iced Coconut Milk Matcha Latte | Soy Chestnut Praline
Best Part of My Job
Creating life long relationships with the most brilliant humans on earth

And snuggling my cat