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One month private coaching transformation. Turning the dead weight in your business (and heart) into client attracting gold.

This online business thing isn't going according to plan.

Start a business, you thought.  Make money doing what you love, you thought.  Get paid to be creative, you thought.

These days, it seems like anyone can start an online business.  

But you aren’t just “anyone” now are you?

You’re a creative visionary with a passion for helping others and making a positive impact in the world.  Your work isn’t just to make a quick buck or so you can post #LaptopLifestyle pics on Instagram.

No, you’re here to make a difference.  And nothing is going to stop you from pursuing that truth.

But *record scratch*

Just because the website is up and you have a package to offer doesn’t mean that you have consistent clients to serve.  And you can’t be in business for very long without any, er, business.


  • Having a clear offer that makes potential clients scream “omg I need that!”
  • Packaging and pricing your offers in ways that instill confidence in your buyers (so they can’t wait to hand you their credit card)
  • Booking high-quality referrals because people know exactly the best people to send your way
  • Getting out of your head and back into your heart so you can serve more than sell

When you started your online business, you set out on a mission to help people. You wanted to serve people with your natural gifts while creating a life that you love. But the reality of being a business owner is far from the original dream. You’re constantly editing your website, throwing strategies at the wall, and triggering your worthiness wounds on the daily.

But here's the thing:
It's not your fault.

Starting a business is serious business. It takes grit, determination, and a willingness to fail and learn, fail again and learn again. With more and more people entering the industry every day, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, have the courage to be yourself, and take up space in a scary big way.

But when you do it alone, all you have is your heart and your brain. When faced with showing up for ourselves and our dreams in a new, bold way, our brain usually takes the driver’s seat. It’s trying to protect us from the discomfort of failure and self doubt.  It’s job is to keep you where you’re at…even if your heart is ready for radical change.

It’s time to listen to the beat of your heart, friend.
(and get a dose of powerful marketing strategy that works)

Which is why I wanted to create a different type of coaching container.

One that gives you professional marketing support to answer the BIG question:

What's the of my work?

In a way that makes people WANT to give you their money.

And gives you personal support so you don’t get trapped asking the BIG question:

Am I enough?

So you can do more serving dream clients and less spiraling into constant self doubt.

Are you in?
(let’s keep talkin’)

Melanie St. Clair invites you to

Turn the dead weight in your business (and heart) into client attracting gold

Client Attraction Alchemy is a private one-month coaching container to help you:

  • Clarify your brand promise that inspires eager buyers
  • Price and package your offers in ways that brings in consistent, high-quality clients
  • Stop overthinking every move to the point of self sabotage
  • Overcome mindset blocks that are keeping you spinning your wheels with zero results

You’ll walk away with a money-making message, easy-to-sell offers, and the confidence that you can actually do it.

The best part? Not by following a template. But by tuning into what you were put on this earth to do.

Is Client Attraction Alchemy a fit for you?

Client Attraction Alchemy was designed to serve:
  • Service-based online business owners who desire to make a positive impact on the world
  • Business owners who have made SOME money booking their services but struggle to book consistent clients
  • Service providers who book the occasional less-than-ideal client and want to hone in on clearer messaging to attract cream-of-the-crop clients
  • Women who are passionate about their craft and serving their clients
Client Attraction Alchemy isn’t the right fit for:
  • Brand spankin’ new business babies. I firmly believe in experimenting on your own to learn more about yourself, your business, and your market.
  • Peeps who just want the easy roadmap to success (spoiler: it doesn’t exist). I’ll help you make powerful changes to your business and mindset. It’s your job to implement and follow-through.
  • Business owners who primarily want deep money healing. We can only scratch the surface in CAA.

When You Say YES to Client Attraction Alchemy, you get

  • One 90-minute Zoom video marketing and messaging intensive to laser in on your money-making message, package and price offers that sell, and know how to most effectively share this with the world (value: $1,000)
  • One 90-minute Zoom video mindset and healing intensive to identify the blocks that are keeping you stuck, identify wounds that say you can’t do it, and ignite your unshakable confidence within (value: $1,000)
  • Session replays so you can relisten (or rewatch) any and all of our calls (value: $197)
  • One month of private email support to chat in-between sessions, work out last-minute details, tell me what you ate for lunch, or whatever is on your heart (value: $497)

The investment in Client Attraction Alchemy is


(payment plans available)

Ready to Alchemize?


Hey! I'm Melanie.

And I’ll be your tour guide on this golden-brick road

I’ll give it to you straight.

Your clients need you to not just be a better service provider, but also a better business owner.

Otherwise, how will they ever find you? Or know how much you can help them?

With my experience as a copywriter, online marketer, mindset coach, AND your grit and passion for making a difference in this world…

…We can create an offer that makes abundant money and impact.

Let me help you so you can help them.

But don’t just take my (written) word for it. Let’s talk so you can (a) make sure I’m a weirdo in the *right* way and not in the *wrong* way (b) answer all your questions (c) ensure that I’m actually the best person to serve you.

The REviews Are In:
Melanie inspired me to run my business from a place of alignment, so I ditched everything I didn’t want to do and the results have been jaw dropping to say the least.  I’m making more and working less. It’s incredible. I can confidently say Melanie is the reason for this huge shift in my business.
WordPress Developer
Everyone needs to experience her magic, her love, her knowledge and her ability to help you see the light when it feels like you just keep running into a dead end.
Canva Queen
When you want someone to motivate and inspire you, to push you to reach for your goals, someone who is as invested in your success (however that may look for you) just as much as you are, then Melanie is your girl! I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me bring my dreams to life.
Business Strategist
What I really loved about our session together was that Melanie worked closely with me to highlight that which was already inside of me: the magic, purpose, gold, beauty, and power that I was tirelessly searching for externally. She reminded me that all I need comes from within. THAT was a major shift for me.
The Awakening Membership
Melanie got me out of my damn head, brought me back down to earth, and created a personalized game plan for me to RISE and EXPAND. I am bursting with worthiness, ideas, and CONFIDENCE to make everything we talked become a reality!
Coach and photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the calls work? What happens in between them?

We will start with a 90-minute Zoom video call focused on marketing strategy. In this intensive, we’ll hone in on your brand message and the promise of your primary offer. The most common shift we make is taking a vague way you help people and turning it into a clear way that you solve a specific problem.  It’s a common misconception that vagueness will “reel people in.”  Clarity is actually what will open wallets.  We’ll also package and price your offer(s). So you’ll walk away with an energy efficient marketing strategy to promote your offer in a non-sleazy way.

Then we will schedule your 90-minute mindset intensive for two weeks out. In this intensive, we’ll work through the mental resistance that comes up as you start to show up in a bold, new way as a business owner and purposeful human. We typically clear blocks around worthiness, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and more. When you’re not overthinking and every action is no longer triggering core wounds, it’s easier to continue to take action and show up.

The marketing intensive gives you strategic clarity. The mindset intensive gives you emotional clarity. You’ll also get unlimited access to me over email to chat, ask questions, and get pep talks as you go for 1-month.

How do I know if I’m ready for a program like this?

The Client Attraction Alchemist best serves business owners who have made some money working with clients. You’re clear on your craft and the way in which you want to support clients (and who you want to support). Just not on how to communicate that to your audience in a way that sells.

Client Attraction Alchemist clients must also be willing to be open, vulnerable, and make changes in their business and mindsets. If you’re committed to being the victim of a volatile market or aren’t willing to go outside your comfort zone, this isn’t the right fit for you. However, if you are open to growing and the personal/professional growing pains that come with transformation, definitely book a consult call to chat more.

I’m interested. But how do I know if I can really afford this?

The work I do with my clients tightens their messaging and clears mindset blocks to help them make more money for the rest of their time in business. I’m dedicated to teaching you strategies and tools that will make you money for life. That being said, only you know your financial situation and your risk tolerance for investing. If you’re feeling unsure, I’m totally here to support you in that decision making process in our consult call. Zero pressure.  This only works if we’re both 100% in.  I’ll trust that if we’re the right fit, we’ll both say YES to this powerful work together.

Do you offer refunds?

I am honored to work with the most committed, magical, and brilliant entrepreneurs on the internet. In my years as a copywriter and coach, I know that in order for us to successfully co-create beautiful work, we each need to give our full 100% to the relationship.

I promise to give you my full 100% because I truly want your work to SHINE.  Your success is my success.  If I don’t believe that I can serve you, I will let you know. The spaces that I hold for my clients have helped them go deep, be seen, and rise in ways they never thought possible. Over and over again.

However, this is only the case if you are also ALL IN for co-creating together. Therefore, I do NOT offer refunds as a sign of our mutual commitment to creating stunning content together.

I know I want this. How do I enroll?
Book your consult call below and if we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll give you all the details to sign up!

It's time to take the next step

If you want to go fast, you can go alone. But chances are, you’re really exhausted from moving so fast and getting nowhere.

Now, if you want to FAR, you do it with others. It’s okay to get help. It’s the same thing you’re asking your clients to do. So why not you?

You’re worthy of all the support you need to access your full range of brilliance.  If you’re ready to receive it, I’d love to support you.

Want to turn the deadweight into gold?

Book your free consult call so we can chat and alchemize your life + business together.

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