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High Vibe Copy

that sells with soul

Ended the Dreaded Blinking Cursor Standoff


You could stop screaming to the masses and start whispering straight to the soul of your dream clients. We’re talking less chasing clients down and more attracting them.

All so that you can sell with as much soul, heart, and healing energy as you serve.

Because after all, selling is serving. And I know that you’re here to serve, support, and heal. So what do you say that we bring the same high vibration that you serve with to every word that you sell with?

Hell Yes?
Let’s keep this momentum going…
What level of service and support are you seeking?
Sales Page Revival

Breath new life and fresh energy into stagnant, awkward, ineffective copy

You DIYed most of your copy…but it just doesn’t feel right?  You’ve got the big vision for your product/service.  

But communicating that vision to your potential clients in a way that answers their questions instead of creating more isn’t happening.

In the Sales Page Revival, we’re injecting clarity, alignment, and reassurance into every word.  So your clients feel so seen and heard, know that you’re exactly the one to support them in their journey, and are ready to dive in.

Starting at $1500
Done for You Sales Page

Get your sales story in a way that speaks straight to your clients’ hearts and souls

Making magic, supporting your clients, and delivering massive transformation are totally your thing. Words are not. Which is why I’ve totally got your back.

I’m bringing the big guns crystals to work some sacred selling magic. Together, we will co-create a sales story that cultivates deep connection, shines brightly, and SELLS.

From scratch. With alignment, love, and light.

Starting at $2500
Meet Your Copywriter Melanie
Words magician. Crystal lover. Tuxedo cat mom.

Hey friend!  I’m Melanie.

I know how important it is for you to bring high vibrations and frequencies to every aspect of you biz – including your words!

It’s totally okay that words aren’t your thing.  Because they’re 100% mine. Let me transform your words from flat and boring to bright and shiny so that you can focus your precious energy on serving.

With your passion for purpose and my love of wrangling in word vomit (for real), I know that we can create a sacred sales experience for every one of your potential clients and customers.

And as a bonus, rest assured that your words are probably being crafted with coffee in hand, palo santo burning, and after I consume some inspirational content.  Because I fully believe in provided an aligned AF experience to all aspects of our creation process.

DSC_0213 do we do this thing?

You work your light. I'll work mine.


Tell me more About you
I want to hear it all, beautiful mystic!  Tell me about you, how you serve, and your current project.  Complete this application to work together. If I think we’re a good fit I’ll reach out to schedule a call!

Virtual coffee date

We’ll hop on a 30-minute Zoom video call to chat face-to-face.  I want to hear your BIG vision for your product/service.  

If we’re both ready to move forward and make magic together, I’ll send you a sales story questionnaire, schedule our next call, and refine our timeline.

PS: I can also help you decide between the Revival or Done for You packages!


Sales story intake call

SALES PAGE REVIVAL: In this 45-minute working session, we’re going to review your current copy, take copious notes, and identify the areas for tweaks and improvements.  We refine your messaging in a way that communicates directly to the needs of your potential clients so you can sell with confidence and ease.

DONE FOR YOU: In this 90-minute Zoom video call, we’re going to put it all out on the table – coffee cups not included, but encouraged.  We’re brain dumping everything about your new product or service.  From your big WHY to the massive results you’re delivering to your soulmate clients, you’re transferring your vision to me so I can translate it into magnetic words.  All so that we can craft a sales story that SELLS.


Sales Copy Creation
Once we have your sales story, I’m going to work my copy magic according to your package and what we discussed on your sales story call.  Your fresh new copy will be delivered via Google Doc so that you can comment, make any edits, and provide feedback.


I will complete any revisions according to your feedback.  I’m here to support you in manifesting your vision. I totally encourage you to provide honest and constructive feedback so that we can create exactly what you want.

Each packages includes two rounds of revisions.


Delivery and handoff

We’ll wrap up with a 30-minute handoff call so that we can complete one final walk through together (and complete any final touches).

I want you to know exactly how this copy is meant to serve you, your business, and your clients so you can call them in with confidence and ease, friend!

Total Timeline: 2-4 Weeks

(Timeline variations typically depend on how quickly we can have our calls scheduled)