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For words that don’t just tell - but SELL - your magic

So you can make more money for the work you actually love

You're a powerful creator

with an equally powerful message to share

You’re not just here to make a quick buck in this business thing. You’re in it for the long haul.

Nothing turns you on more than commitment, showing up for the work, and making an undeniable impact. Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

And since you love direct communication, let me tell you what I know about us.

We’re both service providers with a passion for creating and helping. We’re both powerhouse leaders with a message to share. We’re here to live fully expressed and abundant lives.

But here's where we differ...

words aren’t your thing; they’re totally mine.

( And you miiight just prefer tea over coffee...which is cool, I’ll still have tea with you)

You’ve got different work to do in the world.

Writing webcopy, launch copy, and emails is not the best use of your unique energy.  Even though you know that you need these things to sell your services and serve more people.

Sound like we’re a match made in heaven?  There’s three powerful ways that I usually work with brilliant creatives like you.

Let’s explore how we can make (word) magic together.

Straight from the copy gods!

Melanie has been an absolute angel sent from the copy gods. She has a true gift to translate your vision into compelling soul-fueled copy that converts.
Sheila Joy

Copy On Call

Write like a first draft. Sell like a final.

Feel solid writing words on a page but stuck on how to amp up their selling power? Get my eyes on your existing copy for in-document edits and personalized feedback. Uplevel your copy game from “says things” to sells things.
  • Review of up to 1000 words of a single piece or webpage
  • Loom feedback and walkthrough video so you can become a better copywriter
  • In-document revisions to improve the selling magic of your current copy


per submission

The Storyteller's Vault

Consistently sell with story without writing a damn word.

Love what you do and could talk about it for ages?  Let’s capitalize on that magic. In The Storyteller’s Vault, we’re revolutionizing your email marketing with the power of story.  Consistently invite people to work with you in emails that make a big emotional impact, nurture your audience, and attracting premium clients.
  • One 45-minute story extraction call
  • Four story-driven emails for a month's worth of content for your list
  • 7 business day delivery from story extraction call


Custom Copywriting Services

Webcopy, launch copy, and testimonials for brilliant brands

Need copy that helps clients truly see you and your value?  Let’s chat! Bring me on your team for webcopy and launch copy that makes bank.  Or need support in your off-boarding process? I’ll interview your clients to help you get feedback that doesn’t sting so you can continue to improve.  And I’ll help your clients write bangin’ testimonials that show the world how sparkly you really are.
  • Get webcopy that will magnetize dream clients
  • Done for you launch copy to make your launch about book clients - not blinking cursors
  • On-boarding support to receive powerful feedback and jaw-dropping testimonials

Looking for coaching support?  Click here!