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6-month private coaching program to access and alchemize your greatest potential & create the freedom you were born for


You're here to live a life UNLIKE any other

You started a business because you weren’t made to report to a boss or just live for the weekends. Then, you started working on your mindset because you didn’t want to be a slave to a scarcity mindset or old programming.

You started the work you do because you want to make a difference in the world. On your terms. In the way that YOU were meant to.

But you’re STUCK on how to get to that next level.

The next level of

Because (if we're being REALLY honest)...

  • You can feel your mindset running on autopilot and your thought routine is a little too comfortable
  • You know that you’re holding yourself back from being, doing, and having all that you want in life and business
  • You have a clear sense of the work you want to do, but the HOW of making it happen always gets you overthinking and lost in your head
  • You’re done trying to figure it all out by yourself because you know that you’ve hit your max capacity to expand, heal, and transform without any external support

You're DONE holding yourself back

Because you’re DONE trying to get to the next level only to have your perfectionism, people pleasing, overthinking, and self doubt shoot you back down. You don’t have any more time to waste holding yourself back.

Because you KNOW how smart, capable, and talented you are. You’re unlike anything that this world has seen before. And that’s not just a cliche. You’re the real fucking deal.

Yes, it’s time to experience ALL that this life has to offer you and create limitless possibility for yourself. It’s time to live your life by your design and create what you actually want to create – rulebook burned and shoulds tossed aside.

It’s time to become a FREEDOM MAKER.

Here's what life is going to look like:

  • You feel completely in your power to make conscious and deliberate decisions to create exactly the life and business that you desire
  • You’re bursting with gratitude, joy, and fulfillment by the impact you’re making in your client’s lives and the freedom you’re experiencing in your own
  • You’ve found the perfect balance between surrender and intentional action so the HOW shows itself to you (and you’re totally confident to execute)
  • You’re not doing ANY of it alone anymore. You’ve always got someone in your corner to support you in your most human moments, celebrate you in the highest ones, and continually push you (with love) to be the greatest version of yourself that you can be
I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me bring my dreams to life.
Yana Dirkx
Business strategist


a 6-month private coaching program that will help you access and alchemize your greatest potential. So you can create the limitless freedom you were born to experience.

So long are the days of inaction because of paralyzing perfectionism. Or always saying yes to just “one little thing” until your burnt out and resentful of boundary pushing clients.

Instead of being your worst enemy, you’re going to become your greatest asset.

So you can fully trust yourself and the Universe when things are easy. And still consistently and deliberately show the f up for yourself and your vision when they aren’t. With a trusted friend and spokesperson for your highest self right by your side.

What We'll Work on Together:

Unapologetically Sharing Your Voice

You’re here to share your gifts with the world in your own unique way. Together, we’ll help you cultivate the confidence and clarity you need to boldly share your voice with the world. Whether it’s claiming what you want in life, sharing your message with your audience, or selling your latest offer, you’ll be ready to speak it through – without letting the fear of rejection or judgment hold you back.

Breaking Co-Dependent Patterns
Kick progress-haulting perfectionism, exhausting people pleasing, and nonstop workaholism to the curb. We’ll take a hard look at the ways that co-dependency creates energy leaks in your business. So you can heal the source of these behaviors and start showing up for what you REALLY want. Like supportive boundaries, feeling totally unplugged from your business, and not letting the fear of rejection hold you back from sharing your creations. Side benefit: this magic also shows up in your personal relationships too.
Living According to Design
We’ll use your Human Design chart to help you live life according to your design. You’ll know your energy type so you can work with your energy flows and not against them. Then you’ll use your inner authority to learn how to best make decisions in your business. Human Design changed my life and I’m excited to use it to change yours!
Inner Child Healing
Your inner child shouldn’t be running your business. But so many of us unconsciously let them through old programming and subconscious beliefs. Together, we’re holding space for your inner child to speak, be seen/held/heard, and accepted as they are. So they can get the healing and nourishment they need in the RIGHT container – and not by freaking out in your business.
Abundance Mindset

You’ll continually expand your definition of abundance and receive more – money, freedom, impact, joy, delicious food, help from strangers, and more. You’ll reprogram your mindset from scarcity and negative thinking to abundance and growth. Before you know it, you’ll be a receiving magnet. Totally in flow, totally open.

At its core, the work that I do with my clients comes down to three main pillars: security, worthiness, and power. You learn to feel safe and secure within yourself even if your current programming says that not possible. You feel how infinitely worthy you are and act like it. You call back your power from all the places you left in so you can create effortlessly and limitlessly.

Our work together gives you the foundation and freedom to show up in the world as your true self - and NOT the person you were conditioned to be.

Melanie worked closely with me to highlight that which was already inside of me: the magic, purpose, gold, beauty, and power that I was tirelessly searching for externally. She reminded me that all I need comes from within. THAT was a major shift for me.
Ashton Smith
The Awakening Membership

Here's what you'll get inside the Freedom Maker:

6 Month Private Coaching Container so you’re never in this alone. Completely customized to you, your needs, and your vision for 2020.

Three Hours Call Time / Month to use as YOU need. Whether that be as one 3-hour intensive that month or three 1-hour sessions. You’re in your power to create the support and pace that works for you and your schedule. Our calls are held on video via Zoom so we can talk face-to-face and you get lifetime access to replays. (Value: $13,500)

Unlimited Voxer Support so you’ve got me in your pocket 24/7. Whether you need to vent, proclaim your desires, or reframe a belief that’s on repeat, you can reach out anytime. Seriously, don’t worry about “bothering” me. This space is for you to break people pleasing habits. And asking for what you need, when you need it is a great place to start. I’ll get back to you by end of day (M-F) and usually before that. (Value: $6,000)

Open Invitation to Relationship Redesign Calls to have conscious convos if our relationship needs a tune up. Seriously, if something isn’t working for you or you know you’re entering a new season with different needs or you want to mix things up to push yourself, you’re totally free (and encouraged) to let me know! Book a call anytime to have a casual (but conscious) chat about how we can co-create the relationship that will be most supportive for you.

Monthly Freedom Makers Co-Working Calls because working is more fun with friends. Every month, we’ll hop on Zoom for 2.5 hours to werk, werk, werk in the company of other brilliant women. You’ll also be able to ask any questions or work through any roadblocks that come up during our co-working session. (Value: $3,000)

Exclusive Freedom Makers VIP Day to celebrate the fuck out of your transformation. We do a lot of ceremony and ritual around what we want. But not enough about what we have and how far we’ve come. This VIP Day is our closing ceremony to delight in the work you’ve put into yourself, to celebrate manifesting your dreams, and to honor the brilliant human being you are. The VIP day will be held in either late June or early July. Location and date to be determined. (Value: $2,500)

Enroll in 2019 and unlock these juicy bonuses

1 Hour Coaching Call to use anytime in the rest of 2019. So you can get started right away on creating exactly what you want and building the foundation for 2020. (Value: $750)

2019 Voxer Support because this time of year get craaazy. You’ll have me in your back pocket to vent when your mom is driving you nuts, be reminded to slow down and rest, or rave about eggnog lattes being in season. I’ve got you (and I’ll constantly remind you that you’ve got you). (Value: $1500)

2020 Vision Casting Workshop in December to intentionally create and call in exactly what you want coming into the new year. (Value: $500)


The work that we do inside Freeom Maker is life-changing, intoxicating, and transformational. You’ll get to burn down everything that’s no longer serving you (in your mind, heart, and business). You’ll expand your capacity to receive like never before. You’ll receive the support, push, and love to courageously claim what you want in this life – without letting your old conditioning hold you back any longer.

This transformation is your becoming.

The financial investment in Freedom Maker coaching is a five-figure investment.

You can’t expect things to change if you don’t start showing up differently. If you’re open to the transformation this work will bring, book a no-obligation call below to explore what we can create together.

Meet Melanie

(as your coach and new biz bestie)

I’m committed to creating the most beautiful, transformative coaching relationships with my clients. Because I believe that our most powerful healing happens in relationships. 

The magic isn’t just in the results. It’s not just about working less and making more (although that does happen). Or about setting excellent client boundaries (which happens too). Or even about breaking patterns that keep you small (see it happen all the time).

Our work together is about helping you BECOME all that you are and are meant to be.

I intentionally design our relationship to be the most supportive container to help you do that. I will hold space for you as you move through the grief, discomfort, and fear that comes with releasing an old way of being. I will continually push you as an advocate for your greatest visions, dreams, and desires. I will use our relationship as a container to practice breaking patterns of co-dependency, people pleasing, and staying small. So you can continually build the evidence that it’s safe for you to show up as you are.

My clients have matched their 2018 income in the first four months of 2019, given themselves radical permission to create the business model they ACTUALLY want, and stopped the self abandonment cycle when it comes to showing the f up for what they want in this life. They created more for themselves because they first chose to be more – then let themselves have it.

I want to do the same with you. Are you ready to rise to your highest self?

Here's what happens next...

  • Step 1 - We hop on a no-obligation call to chat about you, your business, and your vision for 2020. I’ll tell you more information about the program and answer any questions that you may have. If we both feel like our partnership would be a great fit, we’ll move on to the next step. If you’re not feeling it or I don’t believe that you’re ready for this work, there is no pressure to move forward. I’m here to help you make the decision that’s the best fit for you.
  • Step 2 - We’ll get you on the books! Upon payment and signing of contract, you’ll get follow up information to get your first session scheduled and get connected with me on Voxer. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve got someone on your side for the rest of the year AND support already scheduled for the next.

Yup, it’s that straight-forward. Click below to get that call scheduled!

Melanie got me out of my damn head, brought me back down to earth, and created a personalized game plan for me to RISE and EXPAND. I am bursting with worthiness, ideas, and CONFIDENCE to make everything we talked become a reality!
Sheila Joy

Frequently Asked Questions

Our work together begins the moment you sign up and ends June 30th, 2020 (with the exception of the VIP day). You unlock all your 2019 bonuses right away. Then the official 6-month container runs from January 1st, 2020 – June 30th, 2020.

This is a private coaching program with a group aspect. So, a little bit of both! I wanted to maintain the intimacy and depth of private coaching so you get the highest level of support in your healing and expansion. But I also deeply believe in the power of connecting with other women doing this work. All of our coaching sessions will be completed privately. But you get to connect and celebrate with other Freedom Makers in our monthly co-working calls and final celebratory VIP day.

I will only enroll clients who I truly believe are ready for this work and the transformations it provides. If I don’t believe you’re ready, I’ll let you know and give you recommendations for a better place to start.

For your own knowledge, you should be actively engaged / experienced with some personal development work (ex. journaling, meditation, worked with a coach before). You must be willing to see shadow parts of yourself like how your scarcity mindset / survival mode is hurting you or how you self sabotage.

Coaching is a done-with-you relationship. If you’re JUST looking for someone to save you and fix everything, you will not get far. However, if you feel that way but want to change how you show up and learn to be your own hero, there’s a lot we can do together to make life easier, more delicious, and prosperous for you.

I’m so sorry that you had that experience. I’ve been there too! In fact, I’ve used my not-so-great coaching experiences (and feedback from clients and peers) to intentionally create a relationship that fosters healing, transformation, and growth. I’m results driven, an excellent space holder, and only work with clients when I have a personal investment in their success.

My clients have experienced incredible results, told me that our relationship was the best, unexpected thing that changed them, and are willing to even chat with you about their experience working together. For client references, book a call so we can chat first and I’ll send you their contact info!

This is also the reason that I offer relationship redesign calls and tell you upfront that they’re available. I’m here to co-create the experience that will be the most supportive for you. And I’m open to feedback and changing things up as you need!

The VIP day info is still to be determined! But you can expect more information in February or March once I know the energy of the group and space we’re creating! You’ll get all the details ASAP.
Totally okay, friend! I only want to work with clients who are committed and totally in on this work. That’s exactly why we do a consultation call before deciding to work together. If we chat and you decide this isn’t for you, you let me know. I might ask for more information because this will help me create different offers in the future. But you’re free with me to express what you truly feel and want – always.

Phenomenal! I am so excited and honored to get to work with you! We’ll decide on a payment plan and get your contract signed. Then, we’ll get you on the books for your first session(s) and get connected on Voxer. It’s going to be a transformational ride, friend! I’m honored to have you here with me.

Other than just spiritual, business, money mentality or life coaching she seems to be able to take on all these roles and support you with all the challenges, fears and doubts that inevitably arise as a businesswoman. Everyone needs to experience her magic, her love, her knowledge and her ability to help you see the light when it feels like you just keep running into a dead end.
Nicholette von Reiche
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Live next year like it's your last

We each have a limited time on the earth as the people we are today. What you do in that time and how you show up is up to you.

I created the Freedom Maker to help the courageous at heart be all they were meant to be in this lifetime. To help you soften and simultaneously strengthen. To help you create, do, be, and have all that you truly desire – and not just what you think you can get.

To help you show up in this world as your TRUE self.

I will not let you abandon yourself or get relationship gut with your life. I will not let you shrink back into smallness and complacency. I will continually advocate for your highest self and greatest dreams.

Because this world needs YOU to be the most fully expressed, abundant version of you. It’s what you’re literally here on Earth to do and be.

Are you ready to make the most of what this life has to offer you?