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Are you ready to magnetize infinite abundance and limitless freedom in your life and biz?

Watch below to receive my 3 pillars for magnetic success as an online business owner, light leader, and modern day mystic woman so you can create more impact in the world and freedom in your life.

Your soul is calling and she's ready for the next level

The Legacy Sisters Mastermind is waiting to unleash that version of you.

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About Melanie St. Clair

Melanie St. Clair is a business, spirituality, and mindset coach for purposeful women on the rise.  She supports her clients in creating their biggest income months, becoming booked out, aligning their businesses with their soul work, and falling radically in love with themselves.

If you’re feeling blocked in

(a) living out your purpose
(b) magnetizing infinite abundance with ease
(c) trusting and loving yourself
or (d) any and all of the above

Melanie is woman to help you release your blocks, heal your wounds, and support you in creating more impact on the world and freedom in your life.

When she’s not helping her rockstar clients rise to their best selves, you can find her sipping matcha lattes, traveling the world (or to the grocery store) with her husband Jeramia, or hopelessly trying to get her cats to take selfies with her.