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Untangle your emotional mess with money & finally feel your success

You started your business with nothing but a dream.

(and maybe a desire to work in yoga pants whenever you wanted)

And much to your surprise…it f*cking worked.

You’re actually your own boss. You have a solid client base. Not to mention, you’re really good at what you do.  

It took commitment, grit, and good ol’ fashioned hard work. But you’re freakin’ doing it.

And yet, there’s still one part of your business that makes your chest tight, your throat close up, and your heart starts to race at the thought of it…


The money anxiety is REAL.

Which also feels kinda weird.  Because you’ve got consistent income in your business and a solid client base.  You’ve worked HARD to make that happen.  But no matter how much money is in the bank, you still

  • Get sweaty palms going to the bank or dealing with the monies
  • Fantasize about the day that it all goes away and you're left with nothing (sexy, right?)
  • Have a “rich” bank account (at least compared to how it used to be), yet feel anything BUT rich
  • Or always hit zero dollars in the bank even though you’re making “enough” money - at least according to the math

And most importantly, you don’t want to feel this way anymore.

You want to:

  • Actually revel in your riches
  • Fully receive and appreciate the success that you’ve created for yourself
  • Trust money to have your back and always be there
  • Enjoy the process of making money and experience of spending it
  • Fantasize about your hot husband instead of the worst-case scenario

Most importantly...

You recognize that you’re replaying some childhood patterns around scarcity, security, and worthiness. And you want to break those cycles.

you want to stop living your life through the lens of childhood survival mode. And start actually #livingyourbestlife because you Actually DID IT.
Your inner child is controlling your money relationship. it's Time to change that.

You deserve to live a life that’s in the here and now. You deserve to fully receive the success that you’ve created for yourself.

But it’s not all your fault that you aren’t doing that now. As a child, you look to your primary caretakers to provide for your needs – regardless of how “capable” they are at doing that.

Your parents are/were doing their best. But sometimes, you didn’t get your physical needs met. Or your emotional needs. Or maybe the only stability that you experienced was the dramatic roller coaster of maybe or maybe not having your needs met.

As a result, your younger self learned coping mechanisms and survivalist tendencies to protect and care for yourself.

Yet, you continue to display these patterns as an adult – even though you have people who love you, have a business that provides for you, and created the success that you only once dreamed of. It’s why you can keep saying “I want to relax and enjoy my success” but you’re still hiding money in sock drawers and panicking anytime you swipe your credit card.  The survivalist tendencies are “home” and therefore “safe.”

the key to breaking this cycle is

healing the core wounds that get triggered anytime you think, deal with, talk about, or touch money.

Because money doesn't have feel "sticky" anymore.

You’re ready for radical healing and reparenting so you can love, nurture, and care for your inner child.  You’re ready to heal so that they don’t feel the compulsion to control your money relationship from a scarcity space.

You’re ready to put present, capable, brilliant you in charge.

and you know it's time to get some help in making that happen.
(keep reading ‘cuz you won’t wanna miss it!)
Melanie St. Clair invites you to

Untangle your emotional mess with money & finally feel your success

Radical Money Healing is a 4-month private coaching container to help you:

  • Reclaim your power with money in your mind, heart, and bank account
  • Nurture, heal, and love your inner child to help you out of survival mode and get back into play & fun
  • Release the harmful stories your ego created around money and align them with Truth
  • Actually celebrate the f*ck out of yourself and your wild success

You’re going to feel completely free in your money relationship. While also increasing your capacity to be with yourself, heal yourself, and love yourself.

and that's F*cking priceless.

Your time to heal?

Is Radical Money Healing Right for You?

Radical money healing was designed to serve:
  • Experienced business owners who feel confident in their craft and have a consistent client base and income
  • Women who are making good money on paper, but never really feel like they are
  • Entrepreneurs who are open, ready, and willing to explore and heal their inner child
  • Business owners who know that they need more emotional support to do the business and human thing
radical money healing isn’t the right fit for:
  • Business owners struggling to build their business or seeking business advice. We’re diving strictly into the money healing and NOT strategy.
  • Entrepreneurs who aren’t willing to be open, vulnerable, and explore core wounds
  • Non-woo-woo folks. What are you even doing at It’s going to get really woo, really fast
  • Humans who aren’t willing to trust another human with their vulnerabilities and humanness. Totally okay if you aren’t. But if you want to heal with my help, we’ll have to go there.

When you say F*CK YES to Radical Money Healing, you get to receive:

  • One 90-minute money wound excavation intensive. Small talk weirds you out, too? Totally fine! Because we’re going deep right off the bat. In our first session, we’re getting curious and observing the money patterns that are playing out. Then identifying the core wounds that we’ll heal throughout our time together. (Value: $1,000)
  • Seven 60-minute healing and coaching sessions to deconstruct your triggering money experiences and understand the ego, belief, and wound underneath them. The more we do it together, the more you’ll get to do it for yourself and be your own self healer. (Value: $6750)
  • Unlimited Voxer and email support anytime you need a friend, a mini coach in your ear, or need to send a GIF to best express how you're feeling (Value: $3,000)
  • BFF for LIFE because I'll always be in your corner to cheer you on and love you beyond our coaching relationship (priceless)

The investment in Radical Money Healing is


(Payment plans are also available)

Ready to heal?

Hey! I'm Melanie.

And I’ll be your tour guide into the depths of your soul your inner child

I know that one of the reasons you started your business was to make money. I mean, it’s a business and not a charity for a reason.

I also know that because you’re so damn good at what you do, your success was inevitable. Yet, here you are stressing about money – when part of you knows that you “shouldn’t have to.”

Which is where I step in to help ya out. I help you bridge the communication gap between present you and inner child you. So your inner child does less freaking out in your money relationship and more enjoying ice cream and videos of hamsters.

I’ve committed to a lifetime of healing for myself and helping badass women like you heal too. You’ll be totally safe, held, and supported here with me to go deep, release your emotional baggage, and be with a person who’s ALL IN on your transformation.

Want to triple check that we’re the dream healing team?

The REviews Are In:
Melanie inspired me to run my business from a place of alignment, so I ditched everything I didn’t want to do and the results have been jaw dropping to say the least.  I’m making more and working less. It’s incredible. I can confidently say Melanie is the reason for this huge shift in my business.
WordPress Developer
Everyone needs to experience her magic, her love, her knowledge and her ability to help you see the light when it feels like you just keep running into a dead end.
Canva Queen
When you want someone to motivate and inspire you, to push you to reach for your goals, someone who is as invested in your success (however that may look for you) just as much as you are, then Melanie is your girl! I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me bring my dreams to life.
Business Strategist
What I really loved about our session together was that Melanie worked closely with me to highlight that which was already inside of me: the magic, purpose, gold, beauty, and power that I was tirelessly searching for externally. She reminded me that all I need comes from within. THAT was a major shift for me.
The Awakening Membership
Melanie got me out of my damn head, brought me back down to earth, and created a personalized game plan for me to RISE and EXPAND. I am bursting with worthiness, ideas, and CONFIDENCE to make everything we talked become a reality!
Coach and photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the calls work? What happens in between them?

Our first session will be a 90-minute excavation call so that we can understand you and the money wounds that you want to heal. We’ll also create a direction for our work together so that we know we’re working towards the same end goal.

In our following sessions, we’ll use recent money triggers to identify (a) the ego narrative (b) the wounded belief (c) the unhealed feeling state (i.e. unworthy, unloved, etc). The more that we do this together, the more you can do it for yourself so you can hold space for the core wound vs engaging in the ego drama of a triggering event. This is the healing work. 

You’ll also have total access to me over email or Voxer. Send me a voice note when sh*t happens, you need a friend who gets it, or you want to have a (guilt free) celebration of how you much damn money you made this month.

I've worked with a coach before. How's this program different?

#1 | We’re LASER FOCUSED on one goal: The intention of Radical Money Healing is to untangle the emotionality in your money relationship so you can feel as successful as you are.  We aren’t trying to uplevel your business, switch up your revenue streams, set client boundaries, and talk about ya mom issues all in one.  The clear focus of this program uses one vein in your life as the vehicle for your healing – MONEY.  But because we address core wounds, the benefits will show up in other.

#2 | We’re putting DOWN the walls between coach + client: We’re co-creating a powerful relationship and container for your transformation.  I’m not here to place boundaries that feed my ego or put me on a pedestal.  Quite the opposite actually. Our coaching container thrives on openness, vulnerability, and trust.  I’m here to help mirror back your blindspots (the pleasant and unpleasant), be your confidant, friend, and partner in your healing journey.  Our work is about your becoming – not mine.

#3 | You ultimately shouldn’t need me: By the end of our 4-months together, you should have a solid understanding of the core wounds beneath your money triggers, have a clear methodology to process them, and lessen the emotional extremes of your money triggers.  

Ultimately, the goal is that you don’t need me to continue this healing.  But instead, our time together gives you a solid foundation to continue deepening your healing practice for yourself. When we talk about working together, if I don’t trust that I can provide this experience for you, I’ll tell you upfront and why. 

How do I know if I’m ready for a program like this?

As a business owner: Radical Money Healing is specifically designed to help successful business owners heal their core money wounds. This is strictly healing work. It does not cover business support to help you build your client base or increase your revenue.  Without a strong business foundation, it puts too much stress on you.  And you can’t fully heal when you’re stressing about paying the bills.  Therefore, you must have consistent income / a stable client base to ensure that money is flowing through.

As a healer: Radical Money Healing is best for healers who have already committed to self healing, inner child work, and reparenting. You’re actively learning how to stay with yourself in emotional experiences and self soothe. Some experience with ego work (being able to separate your awareness from your ego) will also help. You also have the emotional capacity to be vulnerable, radically honest, and are willing to trust another human (me) to support you on your healing journey.

I’m interested. But I’m really scared to invest!

Friend, I see you. I mean, if you weren’t at least a little nervous to invest, I don’t think you’d even need this program! I’m not here to convince you to fix your brokeness or fork over money. You are the only one who will know if you’re ready to take this next step in your healing journey and if I’m the person you want to support you. 

Even if you’re nervous, book a consult call and we can chat. We’ll only be successful if we’re both 100% in on this. I’m totally here to support you in the decision making process. If our partnership is of best service to us both, I know that we’ll both know and make that empowered choice together. 

What's your refund policy?

I am honored to work with the most committed, magical, and brilliant entrepreneurs on the internet. In my years as a copywriter and coach, I know that in order for us to successfully co-create beautiful work, we each need to give our full 100% to the relationship.

I promise to give you my full 100% because your success is my success.  If I don’t believe that I can serve you, I will let you know. The spaces that I hold for my clients have helped them go deep, be seen, and rise in ways they never thought possible. Over and over again.

However, this is only the case if you are also ALL IN for co-creating together. Therefore, I do NOT offer refunds as a sign of our mutual commitment to radical healing.

I know I want this. How do I enroll?
Book your consult call below and if we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll give you all the details to sign up!

The Choice is Yours

Friend, I see you. You’ve done so much to get to where you are today.

What would it mean to you if you actually let yourself receive that success?

  • To see yourself as the powerful business woman you are?
  • To celebrate the dollars that come in and not squirrel them away?
  • To accept the glorious fact that you are a human ATM?

Are you ready to take that emotional tension out of your money relationship?

No matter the answer, you’re loved, accepted, and seen here. But if you KNOW that it’s time to radically heal your money relationship, start NOW than later.

Anyone can go out there and write beautiful mantras or make more money.  But only some people are truly ready to dive deep, fully see themselves, and heal the core wounds that are making an emotional mess of your money relationship.  

If you’re considering Radical Money Healing, I encourage you to book a consult to see if it’s the right fit for you.  I’ll only take on clients who I fully believe I can support in their transformation.  Because I want you to have radical success in our work together.

If you feel the pull in your heart, book that consult call below!

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