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Healing is hard. We make it easier.

Community, conscious creation, and radical self healing for women in business. Plus a good dose of card pulling.

Let’s be honest. Healing yourself isn’t all crystals and sage.

There are journal entries to be written, boundaries to be set in place, and patterns to break.  Not to mention, you’re committed to healing, breaking generational patterns, and (oh right) running a freaking business.

One that’s abundantly profitable and impactful might we add!

So how’s a conscious human supposed to heal, build a business, and still find a way to delight in the pleasures of life?

The short answer? Not alone.


  • Having a top-notch container to have radically honest, open conversations about healing for business owners
  • Getting fresh journal prompts, reframes, and insights on monthly healing topics
  • Being held and supported in a community of fellow healers who know how to hold space and not jump into “fix it” mode
  • Not having the pressure of doing it all by yourself anymore (but also not developing co-dependency because we’re recovering from that sh*t)
You're invited to the

A private community for women entrepreneurs to heal, connect, and consciously create their best life

Healing is hard work. But you don’t have to do it alone. You’re walking into the (virtual) room that you’ve been waiting for.

As a member of the Self Healers Sanctuary, you’re receiving:

  • A go-to safe and supportive space to commit, re-commit, and continue to commit to your healing journey
  • A community of conscious friends who are doing the work, running impactful businesses, and love to pull tarot
  • Regular resources and content to guide you on your healing journey

The Self Healers Sanctuary is a dedicated space for your inner work. So your inner child can heal with us and your CEO self can run your business.

Your $8.88/mo membership includes

Private Facebook Community

Cultivate community, learn from other self healers and enjoy pop-up live videos and card pulls from Melanie

Monthly PDF Healing Guide

Get clear direction and support in your healing journey with monthly guides on a different healing topic each month.

Monthly Live Workshop

Take your healing to the next level with monthly workshops to connect with other members and receive coaching from Melanie.

Weekly Love Letters

You’re never alone in your healing. Get weekly love letters from Melanie that share what’s on her heart and present with her own healing.

Ready to join? Get started for just

$8.88 / mo

Membership is a 3-month commitment. By joining, you agree to honor this commitment to yourself and your fellow members of the Sanctuary. After which, you can cancel at any time!

Why $8.88? Angel Number 8 symbolizes infinite abundance and possibility. Even joining the Self Healers Sanctuary is an energetic agreement to open to more abundance and possibility for yourself!

Our Members Are Transforming


Hey! I'm Melanie.

Fellow self-healer, lover of matcha, and human af being

We’re committed to serving our clients, being present with our loved ones, and making this most of this one life on earth. But sometimes, it can all feel a bit much for one human at a time.

Which is exactly when I come in. I’m here to support you on your healing journey. Not in a way to make the expert or the guru. Not in a way that encourages co-dependency.

But in a way that’s truly for you, your agenda, and your becoming.

Are you ready to transform together?

At the Self Healers Sanctuary, we believe that
  • Our business and impact expands when we expand and heal ourselves
  • While we didn’t have control over how we got conditioned, we have total power in how we de-condition
  • There’s no need to pass the tissues unless you decide to self soothe with tissues yourself
  • Any way that you feel is an okay way to feel
  • We’re in business to serve, support, and help others and our planet
If you believe the same, join us.

Let me answer your questions!

The Self Healers Sanctuary is a monthly membership that includes resources, LIVE support, and community for women business owners who are committed to a healing journey and building a business of incredible impact.

Yes.  This space dedicated and tailored to the needs of business owners.  Since we aren’t providing business advice inside the Sanctuary, this space will serve and support business owners of all levels – as long as you’re committed to your healing.

Healing requires commitment and consistency.  We are seeking members who are committed to themselves and their healing.  Members who want to show up for themselves, stay with themselves, and are willing to spend time with us to contribute to the community.

Upon joining, there is a three-month commitment to be a part of the Sanctuary.  Afterwhich, you are welcome to cancel at any time. We’ll never hold you hostage!  Upon joining, you’ll receive all onboarding information – including a link to the cancellation form.  There are no refunds on previously processed payments. But you can cancel at any time.

No, there are no refunds offered on payments once they are processed.  If you wish to cancel, we recommend submitting your cancellation form at least 7 days before your next membership payment will process.

Once you join, you’re unlocking access to an exclusive online community of powerful business women and dedicated self healers.  You’re getting resources, live coaching, and a go-to space for healing support. For a full list of resources, hop over here!

Together, we can change the way we heal

The Self Healers Sanctuary isn’t a breeding ground for commiseration and co-dependency. It’s not an eager mass of people hanging on every word of the coach they worship.

This community of real humans doing real healing. Together when you need to be seen and held. Alone when you need to be with yourself and stay with yourself (but with resources and guidance if you feel like you need it).

We’re breaking patterns of generational trauma. We’re shifting the way that future humans will live, breathe, and exist on planet Earth (and in themselves).

And now, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

You’ve got us.

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