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Private Coaching

From magnetic marketing to radical money healing, get the business strategy you need to increase profits and the emotional support you need to self heal.

There are THREE primary ways that I support brilliant women entrepreneurs in fully actualizing their potential.

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Melanie inspired me to run my business from a place of alignment, so I ditched everything I didn’t want to do and the results have been jaw dropping to say the least.  I’m making more and working less. It’s incredible. I can confidently say Melanie is the reason for this huge shift in my business.
Allyssa Barnes
WordPress Developer

Client Attraction Alchemy

You’ve been DIYing your business for some time now.  But you’re still struggling to book clients.  You’re clear on your purpose and the work you want to do.  But you need a marketer’s brain to come in and show you how to clearly and confidently sell your services – with integrity.

Radical Money Healing

You’ve worked hard to create a successful business with consistent income and clients.  But there’s one part of your business that ALWAYS gives you panic: money. Heal the core wounds in your money relationship to feel completely free with money. While also increasing your capacity to be with yourself, heal yourself, and love yourself.

Legacy Leadership Coaching

A 12-month transformational coaching relationship to uplevel BIG in business and life.  With monthly business intensives to dedicate time and space to making a bigger impact in the world.  Coupled with regular mindset sessions to get out of your head and clear the blocks keeping you from true thought leadership in the industry.  More details coming soon.
The first time I met this tiny bombshell, I couldn't believe how comfortable I was sharing everything on my heart with her. I felt like we had been friends forever and it blew my mind how she could listen, hold space and then say the words I didn't even know I had to hear.

Everyone needs to experience her magic, her love, her knowledge and her ability to help you see the light when it feels like you just keep running into a dead end.
Nicholette von Reiche
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Where soul, service, and selling meet to make a big impact in the world and more money in your bank account.
Melanie has been an absolute angel sent from the copy gods. She has a true gift to translate your vision into compelling soul-fueled copy that converts.
Sheila Joy
Photographer and coach